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Athlete of the Week

10 Questions with Sarah Gonsch, Sandburg softball

by Jeff Vorva, Sports Editor Sports, High School, Athlete of the Week

Sarah Gonsch is a junior softball player at Sandburg.

How did you get involved in softball?

When I was younger, I used to do gymnastics and my aunt [...

10 Questions with Luka Vukanic, Sandburg boys volleyball

by Randy Whalen, Freelance Reporter Sports, High School, Athlete of the Week

Luka Vukanic is a senior outside hitter on the Sandburg boys volleyball team.


In the opening week of the season, the team went 5-2. What are your impressions of how the season started?...

10 Questions with Marissa Nugent, Sandburg soccer

by Chris Walker, Freelance Reporter Sports, Athlete of the Week

Marissa Nugent is a senior soccer goalkeeper who is playing this spring for Sandburg.

Since your last name is Nugent, I have to ask if you are any relation to Ted and do you get asked about...