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Orland Park’s Nicholas Sfirnaciuc poses on the deck of Sandburg’s pool. The 8-year-old has excelled at music and swimming.
Orland Park’s Nicholas Sfirnaciuc plays the piano at the Golgotha Romanian Pentecostal Church in Oak Lawn (left photo). The 8-year-old has excelled at music and swimming. Photo submitted
Nicholas Sfirnaciuc smiles after winning one of many awards for swimming. PHOTOS submitted
Nicholas Sfirnaciuc, 9, of Orland Park, is one of the top swimmers in the nation in long and short distances.
Nicholas Sfirnaciuc (front) and his sister, Sarah, and brother, Nathan, pose after a triathlon event in the summer.
Jeff Vorva, Sports Editor
6:32 am CST December 14, 2018
He is in the Top 25 in the nation in the 400-yard freestyle. He also is in America’s Top 40 in the 500-meter free. Add a Top-50 finish in the 50 meter backstroke to open December.