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Orland Park History Museum curator Sarah Stasukewicz (far right) welcomes attendees Saturday, March 30, to a tour of the Orland Park Public Works Main Pumping Station. Photos by Laurie Fanelli/22nd Century Media
Water Plant operator Kevin Arnold leads a tour of the pumping station.
Water Plant Operators Tony Noto (left) and Kevin Arnold explain how the Public Works Department stores water in reservoirs during a tour held Saturday, March 30, at the Main Pumping Station in Orland Park. Laurie Fanelli/22nd Century Media
Laurie Fanelli, Freelance Reporter
4:30 am CDT April 2, 2019
We go to our sinks, turn on the faucet, and water comes out. This seemingly simple process is tied to an elaborate system at the Village of Orland Park Public Works Main Pumping Station, which residents recently had the chance to see up close.