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Pre-emptive celebration: Trustee-elect William R. Healy poses for a photo the afternoon of Election Day, April 2. Photos by Jeff Vorva/22nd Century Media
The calm after the storm: Orland Integrity Party members Carole Griffin Ruzich (left) and Kelly O’Brien (right) pose for a photo with People Over Politics Trustee-elect outside of an Orland Park polling place.
Hopeful: Candidate Devin Hodge looks to talk to folks about the Orland Integrity Party outside of Parkview Christian Church in Orland Park.
Showing her allegiance: Trustee-elect Cynthia Nelson Katsenes holds up political sign on Election Day.
Supporting each other: Kelly O’Brien (left) and Carole Griffin Ruzich show off one of their Orland Integrity Party signs.
Smiling all the way: Trustee-elect Michael R. Milani is in a good mood on Election Day.
Glued to his phone: Trustee-elect Michael R. Milani checks the results at Fox’s in Orland Park on the evening of the election. Photos by Jon DePaolis/22nd Century Media
Making the rounds: Trustee-elect Cynthia Nelson Katsenes talks to a supporter during an event for People Over Politics at Fox’s in Orland Park.
Feeling good vibes: Trustee-elect Michael R. Milani talks to supporters and Mayor Keith Pekau (far right) on the evening of the election, at Fox’s in Orland Park.
Nod of approval: A bobblehead made in the likeness of Mayor Keith Pekau appears positive about the results of the election, during a party at Fox’s in Orland Park.
Closing time: As polls close, incumbent Trustee Carole Griffin Ruzich checks the results on her phone during an event at Square Celt Ale House & Grill.
Anxiously awaiting numbers: Orland Integrity Party candidate Devin Hodge watches for results the evening of the election while at Square Celt Ale House & Grill.
Discussion: Incumbent Trustee Carole Griffin Ruzich and Village Clerk John Mehalek chat during a Orland Integrity Party event at Square Celt Ale House & Grill.
Speech: Trustee-election William R. Healy delivers a victory speech at Fox’s in Orland Park after the results of the election are in.
He is the captain now: Trustee-election Michael R. Milani celebrates with his wife and son at Fox’s in Orland Park, after the last member of the opposing slate called to concede the race.
He’s happy: Mayor Keith Pekau celebrates after the People Over Politics slate he supported sweeps the election for trustee in Orland Park.
Reading the scoreboard: Mayor Keith Pekau (second from left) poses for a shot with trustees-elect Michael R. Milani, Cynthia Nelson Katsenes and William R. Healy.
Staff Report
1:29 pm CDT April 3, 2019
Photographers capture trustee candidates before, after results