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Songbird Cafe offers three different Chicago-based companies’ coffees: Dark Matter, Passion House and Four Letter Word. Photos by Sean Hastings/22nd Century Media
One of the top items at Songbird Cafe is the Cowboy Bowl ($9.50), which includes two eggs, hash browns, shoulder bacon and sausage, topped with homemade gravy. The Songbird Beignets to the right (10 for $5.50) are wildly popular as well.
Sean Hastings, Contributing Editor
4:32 am CDT May 20, 2019
For decades, Songbird Cafe owner Maria Kopulos dreamed of owning her own cafe one day and kept a journal of names she liked. But when she had the chance to open her own place, those names did not fit what she wanted. And what she wanted was to sell “really awesome coffee with some really good food.”