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Matt Windle posted to Twitter his pre-5 a.m. paczki haul from Orland Park Bakery on Fat Tuesday, March 5. Photo submitted
Bill Jones, Editor
11:47 am CST March 8, 2019

“The things I would do for an Orland Park Bakery paczki right now,” Emily Macijunas tweeted on Fat Tuesday, March 5.

Macijunas, originally from Orland Park, was spending her first year away at college, keenly aware of what was missing from her Mardi Gras celebration. It just wasn’t going to be the same “Paczki Day,” as many in the area call it.

“It was tradition that my family always got paczkis on Fat Tuesday and this was my first year away,” she explained to The Orland Park Prairie. “So, I was sad to miss out on them.”