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Pastor Column: Power loss not fun, but fun was found

by The Rev. Caleb Hong, Faith United Methodist Church Opinion, Contributing Columnists

There was a power-outage in my community following strong storms earlier this summer.

I found out as computers shut off, the TV went black, and the cry of wailing teenagers filled my home. 

I chuckled...

Thursday Morning Quarterback: Coyne Schofield hoping the fight for equal pay ends soon

by Jeff Vorva, Sports Editor Sports, Opinion, Alumni-College

It is rare to not see star hockey player Kendall Coyne Schofield flash her million-dollar smile.

The Sandburg graduate and Olympic gold-medal-winning hero — who earlier this year broke down women’s sports barriers by...

Poetry in OP: Chicago, Chicago

by Lin Peterson, Contributing Columnist Opinion, Contributing Columnists

Chicago, Chicago

Why do I love thee?

One day its fair

The next day its sleet

Chicago, Chicago

Your lakefront is fine