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Poetry in OP: ‘An Ode to Hotel Rooms’

by Lin Peterson, Contributing Columnist Opinion, Contributing Columnists

Hotel rooms are at once familiar, yet new

They have everything you need and extras you can enjoy.

They are the height of indulgence without the guilty feeling.


Early is on time, late is just tiring

by Bill Jones, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Let me make one thing clear to start this week’s column: I don’t care, at all, if you go to 22nd Century Media’s Healthy Living Expo (about which you can find plentiful information...

Just say no to nostalgia

by Bill Jones, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

The day after Christmas, in the midst of putting together this 2018 Year in Review, I sat at a big table inside of a local pub with the biggest group of old friends from junior high I have seen in one place in quite some time.