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Editor: Old enough to remember?

by Bill Jones, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Anyone old enough to remember that stage of their life can tell you exactly where they were on Sept. 11, 2001.

We can recall the confusion as the initial news reports surfaced of a plane hitting the North Tower of the...

Resident Poet: Clouds

by Susanne Cabrini Marie, Orland Park Resident Opinion, Contributing Columnists

Wispy and ephemeral or fluffy they are.

Shaped by God’s hands both near and far.

On long, hot and sunny summer days,

Billowy ones deflect the sun’s glaring rays.


Editor: Pull up a bench, buddy

by Bill Jones, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

As I was reading our story last week on Prairie School’s new Buddy Bench — High Point School also got one Friday, Sept. 6, from the Orland 135 Foundation — I could already hear some of the criticisms that might be posted on social...