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From the Editor

Editor: The best of people, the worst of people

by Bill Jones, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

By this point, you’ve seen every stupid meme on the Internet regarding the coronavirus. You’ve read all the bad jokes. You’ve read takes on hoaxes, overreactions, underreactions and how this is all the fault of “the media.”

You’ve read the...

Publisher: Local news matters. You keep it alive.

by Joe Coughlin, Publisher Opinion, From the Editor

If you have not yet, please make sure you check out this story before you read this column. In it, we announce...

Editor: Cause for celebration

by Bill Jones, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

One of the more interesting electives I took in college was world religions.

I, like many in this area, was raised Catholic. And up until that point, it was the only spiritual worldview I truly grasped.