Former President Donald Trump won Nevada Republican caucuses, securing all 26 delegates and moving a step closer to fortifying the party’s nomination.  He emerged victorious in Nevada’s Republican presidential caucuses on Thursday, securing the win as the sole major candidate in the competition.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley opted to skip the caucuses, the sole contest in Nevada contributing to the GOP nomination. Citing concerns about what she perceived as an unjust process favoring Trump, Haley chose to participate in Nevada’s symbolic state-run presidential primary on Tuesday. Unfortunately, she ended up trailing behind the “none of these candidates” option in the results.

Trump needs to accumulate 1,215 delegates to formally clinch the Republican party’s nomination, a goal he could potentially achieve as early as March.

While Trump has consistently held the front-runner position, Nevada’s caucuses were perceived to be particularly favorable to him, given the significant grassroots support required for success in caucus-style events.

The state party’s decision last year to prohibit candidates from participating in both the primary and caucuses, along with restrictions on the influence of super PACs, further contributed to the dynamics that favored Trump. This move was in contrast to the role such groups played in Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ campaign before he withdrew from the race.