Revolut, a British financial technology business, has announced that it would be offering phone plans in the United Kingdom. This will make it the first financial services company in the nation to do so, and one of the first in the world.

The unicorn of digital banking and payments said last week that it will begin to sell eSIMs, or SIM cards that may be kept digitally rather than physically within the device. Users will be able to access the plans in the upcoming days.

Consumers using Revolt’s free basic app experience can purchase a normal eSIM plan, which gives them access to the Revolut app and the ability to top off their phone whenever necessary. For example, if a Revolut customer runs out of data on their current SIM provider while at an airport, they may still fill up their data as usual and enjoy free services on their Revolut app.

Customers using Revolut’s premium Ultra subscription, which costs £55 ($69.47) per month, will receive 3GB of data for usage worldwide each month, with a rolling refresh. They won’t have to worry about unforeseen roaming fees when travelling to another nation as a result.

For British citizens, the cost of using mobile data abroad has gone up recently. Since the United Kingdom exited the European Union, a number of mobile operators, notably BT, Vodafone, and Three, have reinstated roaming fees. In the past, British citizens could travel around the EU as part of their regular itineraries.

If they apply before May 1st, Revolut users without an Ultra subscription can receive a free 100MB data offer as an introduction offer. The deal is good for a whole week.

To introduce its eSIM, Revolut has teamed up with 1Global, a UK mobile network provider that was once known as Truphone.