North Korean leader Kim Jong Un marked the foundation of its military on 8th February and said that the country wouldn’t hesitate to use all its military forces to wipe out its enemies if any of them used force against it.

He made these remarks while visiting the defense ministry on Thursday, as reported by the KCNA news agency. During his visit, he urged soldiers to uphold the ideology of the ruling Workers’ Party and emphasized the importance of defending the country with their lives. Kim’s statements reflect a call for strong dedication and allegiance to the party’s principles among the military personnel.

“If enemies try to use force against our country, we will make the bold decision to change history and not hesitate to use all our superpower to wipe them out,” KCNA quoted him as saying.

Kim repeated his commitment to refrain from engaging in dialogue or negotiations with South Korea, labeling it as his country’s “enemy No. 1.” According to KCNA, he emphasized that maintaining a policy of robust military readiness was the sole path to guaranteeing peace and security for North Korea.

The KCNA report said Kim visited the defense ministry with his “respected daughter,” indicating he was accompanied by his daughter Ju Ae, who is expected by analysts to play a possible future role in the country’s leadership.