President Nayib Bukele has emerged as the winner of El Salvador’s elections, with overwhelming support from voters who have overlooked concerns regarding the decline of democracy. Instead, they rewarded him for his aggressive measures against gangs, which have led to a significant improvement in the country’s security.

Thousands of Bukele’s supporters, dressed in cyan blue and waving flags, gathered in San Salvador’s central square to celebrate his re-election. At the age of 42, Bukele has referred to his victory as a “referendum” on his government’s performance.

Bukele claimed victory before the official announcement of the election results, stating that he had secured over 85% of the vote. According to provisional reports, Bukele had won 83% of the support with only 31% of the ballots counted.

His New Ideas party is projected to secure nearly all of the 60 seats in the legislative body, further strengthening their hold on the country and granting Bukele even greater influence as the most dominant leader in modern-day El Salvador.

“All together the opposition was pulverized,” Bukele, standing with his wife on the balcony of the National Palace, told his supporters.

“El Salvador went from being the most unsafe (country) to the safest. Now in these next five years, wait to see what we are going to do,” Bukele added.

The recent electoral victory of the New Ideas party in El Salvador has given its leader Nayib Bukele an unprecedented level of power. As a result, he will potentially have the ability to make significant changes to the country’s constitution, which has raised concerns among some of his opponents regarding the possibility of removing term limits.

Bukele has gained immense popularity due to his security strategy, which involved suspending civil liberties in order to arrest over 75,000 Salvadorans without charge. This approach led to a significant reduction in the murder rates throughout the country and brought about a fundamental shift in a nation of 6.3 million people that was once considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the world.