The Foreign Ministry on Monday announced that France evacuated around 42 people from Gaza including the French nationals and staff of the French cultural institute.

“After a request from France, 42 people today left the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing” into Egypt, said a ministry statement.

Following official French requests, more than 200 people have left the stricken territory.

The announcement follows the recent death of a teacher, who had served for 20 years with the French institute in Gaza, reportedly due to a lack of treatment, as disclosed by a diplomatic source to AFP.

The foreign ministry has stated that the recent evacuation was facilitated with the assistance of French authorities at the “highest level.”

“We remain ready to facilitate the departure of other people whose situation in Gaza France is following, to allow their evacuation to our country,” the ministry statement said.

France has called on Israel to implement “concrete measures to protect” civilians in Gaza and reiterated its appeal for an end to hostilities. The region has been under siege since the outbreak of war between Gaza and Israel on October 7, initiated by an unprecedented attack by Hamas.

This conflict has resulted in approximately 1,160 deaths, predominantly civilians, according to an AFP tally based on official figures.