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Unscripted: Trio of home video releases hits hard with action, laughs

by Bill Jones, Editor Life & Arts, Reviews

‘John Wick,’ ‘Detective Pikachu’ shine in 4K; ‘Booksmart’ great on Blu-ray

Anyone who has seen the first two John Wick films knows what to expect in “John Wick: Chapter 3 -...

Unscripted: ‘Shazam’ packed with all the fun DC films have been missing

by Bill Jones, Editor Life & Arts, Reviews

MPAA Rating: PG-13  |  Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy  |  Running Time: 132 minutes

While Marvel has been wowing its audiences with colorful characters,...

UNSCRIPTED: Latest ‘Toy Story’ tugs our heartstrings once again

by Submitted Content Life & Arts, Reviews

“You watch ’em grow up and become a full person ... and then they leave. They go off to do things you’ll never see. Don’t get me wrong, you still feel good about it, but then somehow you find yourself, after all those years, sitting in...