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Jacquelyn Schlabach, Contributing Editor
4:15 am CDT March 23, 2020

Some recent Facebook postings surrounding coronavirus concerns have warned the public that scammers are going door-to-door, claiming they are authorized to administer at-home tests.

Tinley Park Police Chief Matthew Walsh said the police station has not received any calls related to it but that it is still important to let residents know "this does not exist."

"Do not let people in [your] house to be tested for this virus because it does not exist," Walsh said. "There's not enough kits available, and there's nobody that's doing that."

Assistant Village Manager Pat Carr said in an email to The Junction that he also has not heard of anything like this in the area, but the Village of Tinley Park is not testing anyone. He added that testings are to go through an individual's health care provider.

Carr is involved in a new volunteer initiative with other residents to provide assistance to those who are at-risk individuals and the elderly.

"What I was told was any deliveries of food or anything would be made by people in uniform in a Tinley Park marked vehicle," Walsh said. "Volunteers would be making phone calls to those that might possibly be in need."

Volunteers will have proper credentials and identification, Walsh added.


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