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Staff Report
9:17 am CST February 12, 2019

As in the past, The Orland Park Prairie newspaper is asking for your help in renewing its special class of mail that enables free delivery of an award-winning newspaper to your Orland Park home or business every single week.

The Prairie can better control its postal costs with priority service because of this important designation by the U.S. Postal Service.

The good news is we’ve already received thousands of renewal forms from Orland Park residents who want to make sure they continue to receive their hometown newspaper. We need all Orland Park residents to officially request The Prairie. The U.S. Postal Service demands a renewal process every three years. So, even if you requested the paper three years ago, we still need you to send in a completed form.

If you’ve never sent in a card, we ask that you fill one out and send it in. It only takes a couple seconds.

The simplest way to renew your free subscription to The Prairie is to go to and fill out the digital form. 

So, to all residents, we ask that you not wait for others to send their forms in but complete and return to us your own request form.

Thank you for your support.


Keep The Prairie free

Visit to fill out the digital form