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Bill Jones, Editor
9:53 am CST November 28, 2017
Anyone who has ever passed Orland Park’s water tower has undoubtedly read the script that hails the village as the “World’s Golf Center.” The claim always has been curious to me.


I live in The Preserve At Marley Creek subdivision, which is proximate to the Orland Park 22nd Century Media Orland office just north of 183rd. The business park where the 22nd Century Media is in was once considered "proposed golf course" while the subdivision was being built. Owning property proximate to a golf course allows investors to charge or be charged a premium on the purchase price. Residents along the "proposed golf course" probably paid a premium of up to $20,000 per home for the chance to live on golf course. I suspect we were not the only subdivision paying premium pricing.

Below is a the government response I received for my inquiry regarding a cleaning/painting request for the water tower on 179th & Wolf Rd., as of May 11, 2017: "In regards to your water tower inquiry, we reached out to our Public Works Dept. and they informed us that the village's seven water towers were all last repainted between 1998 and 2001. Between 2009 and 2011 the exteriors were cleaned. The 2017 budget includes funding to recoat the tower located at Harlem Avenue and Wheeler Drive. The actual painting is expected to be performed toward the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. The village's five-year capital budget currently includes a request for funds to continue with the other towers over the next several years."

Also, a response I received from Joe LaMargo in August of 2016 under our previous mayor's term, was that a new Orland Logo was in the works and might replace the current Orland Park slogan. How this issue has been addressed under Mayor Keith Pekau remains to be seen.

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