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Letters to the Editor

Mayor recounts successes, humbly requests votes April 4
Voters should educate themselves with the facts
Pekau is qualified to be next mayor
Challenger requests the votes of Orland Park residents April 4
‘It is time to retire Dan McLaughlin’
Prior letter’s crime sorting a ‘tremendous disservice’ to residents
Mayor’s crime statistics not the full story
Higher pension will cost taxpayers more
McLaughlin a mayor worth supporting
Misinformation in recent letter
Mayor’s challenger offers change Orland Park needs
Mayoral candidates should debate before upcoming election
Area businesses, schools deserving of thanks
Orland Park is asking the wrong questions
Paying extra fee for hazardous, electronic waste pickup is garbage idea
Do Village employees really need to eat steak and lobster tail in Las Vegas?
OPPL Board rudely mistreats petitioners
OPPL should stop destroying records, spending money frivolously
Christmas or not
Public will not have choices to make in upcoming OPPL Board election
Why do taxpayers foot the bill for Village employee holiday party?
Cook County enacts beverage tax instead of fixing problems
Remember the Village Board’s decision come spring election
OPPL’s history of asking for more needs to stop
Cook County legislating outside of its purview