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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Disappointed in the disappearance of Pandemonium
Letter: Congrats to the library
Letter: Thank you to Sandburg Senior Party 2018 donors
Letter: Professional, experienced economic development director needed
Board needs to work with mayor elected by the people
Referendum not a ‘political stunt’
Perfectly fine with treating snow plowers
Public funds should not buy treats for public workers doing normal jobs
Lipinski not in the corner of immigrants, as he claims to be
Props to crews battling the snow
Thank you to a supportive community
Vets helpful in time of need
Public should not pay for Village employees’ private parties
‘Will of the people’ wins but must stay strong
Library employees plan another expensive conference trip
Orland residents should voice their opposition to Sweetened Beverage Tax
Library’s questionable restaurant spending is disappointing
Township assessor’s appeals help unfairly limited
OPPL Board should not approve reimbursements without itemized receipts
For Orland schools, Illinois Senate must send Gov. Rauner SB1
‘The good ol’ boy is gone, but his minions remain’
Thank you to Sandburg Senior Party sponsors and donors
Transparency should be the goal, residents should get involved
OPPL’s spending on staff conferences questionable
Offerings words of encouragement