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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thank you to Sandburg Senior Party 2019 donors
Letter: ‘We owe them all’
Letter: Village Board should reconsider hotel project
Letter: Not involved with the robocalls, offended by the suggestion
Letter: Knock it off with the robocalls
Letter: Transform your toxic turf
Letter: Statistically safer, intensely investing
Letter: Setting the facts straight
Letter: Disgusted by the political flyers
UPDATED: Letter: We need trustees who will ask ‘why not?’
Letter: I, too, feel the need for speed limits
Letter: Time to question fire district’s spending
Letter: Change needed following Electoral Board runaround
UPDATED: Letter: On ‘protecting’ voters from choice
Letter: Thank you to the community for Treasure Chest support
Letter: Township not running a ‘bus service’
Letter: Tour of The Prayer Center exceeds expectations
Letter: Disappointed in the disappearance of Pandemonium
Letter: Congrats to the library
Letter: Thank you to Sandburg Senior Party 2018 donors
Letter: Professional, experienced economic development director needed
Board needs to work with mayor elected by the people
Referendum not a ‘political stunt’
Perfectly fine with treating snow plowers
Public funds should not buy treats for public workers doing normal jobs