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Letters to the Editor

Library employees plan another expensive conference trip

Opinion, Letters to the Editor

I question the need or benefit to the public in the Orland Park Public Library Board’s recent decision at its August public meeting to send four employees (plus one trustee) to Philadelphia next year on yet another expensive conference...

Orland residents should voice their opposition to Sweetened Beverage Tax

Opinion, Letters to the Editor

The Village of Orland Park joins communities throughout Cook County in voicing its opposition to the Cook County Board of Commissioners’ Sweetened Beverage Tax.

The Orland Park Board of Trustees adopted a resolution...

Library’s questionable restaurant spending is disappointing

Opinion, Letters to the Editor

I was disappointed to learn that Orland Park Public Library Director Mary Weimar completed a recent credit card authorization form with minimal information and spent $96.50 of taxpayer funds in a Chicago restaurant called Lao Sze Chuan...