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Offerings words of encouragement

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I think it is human nature to occasionally want to give up on our dreams when situations get tough.

Just remember: sometimes you need a door to close so the right one will open. If you keep getting a “No,” I promise...

Mayor recounts successes, humbly requests votes April 4

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As mayor of Orland Park for many years, I’ve learned to tune out the white noise, innuendo and lies. In these last few weeks before the final votes are tallied April 4, truth needs to ring clear as a bell.

For that reason, I outline below...

Voters should educate themselves with the facts

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I have lived in Orland Park for the vast majority of my life. When I was young, most of OP was made up of fields and farms. Since then, much has changed and grown, and this is in large part due to our mayor, past leadership and current leadership...