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From the Editor

Area is great about helping injured veterans

by Jeff Vorva, Sports Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Do not adjust your eyeballs.

Yes, you are still in the news section, not sports.

But my smiling face is also here on the same page as the Social Snapshot and Sound Off policy because regular editor...

Taking a deep breath

by Bill Jones, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

I was over at my mother’s house last week, helping her with some yard work and carrying some boxes up stairs.

(You know how it is with parents: You show up to do that one thing, then, it’s “Oh, yeah, if you have a few...

Taking a moment on Memorial Day

by Bill Jones, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

As long as I can remember having money, I recall buying poppies from members of the American Legion. My mother once explained to me that the purpose they serve is twofold: They are made to honor the sacrifice and service of veterans,...

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