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From the Editor

High school rivalries are the best

by Tim Carroll, Sports Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Like to watch the Cubs and White Sox play one another? Get a kick out of the Bears and Packers matchups? Find yourself muttering “Detroit sucks” the day after Blackhawks-Red Wings (or, as my dad used to call them, Dead Wings) games?...

Preaching to another choir

by Bill Jones, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

My relationship with religion is a complicated one. And that, in and of itself, could make for a much longer column than I have space to run this week.

But one of my first orders of business after taking over The...

Our eyes turned skyward

by Bill Jones, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Mondays can be stressful times around our office.

It’s go-to-print day, and that means assistant editors are bouncing between papers, trying to clean up their stories, trimming calendars to fit our Page 2 space and...