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Police Reports: Man allegedly tried to take over-the-counter pharmacy items

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Michael J. Seminetta, 32, of 7945 S. Laramie Ave. in Burbank, was charged April 13 with felony retail theft, as well as one misdemeanor count each of theft-possession of stolen property, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while...

Police Reports: Woman allegedly tried adding cell lines, phone to someone else’s account

News, Police

Vencenza L. Cifuentes, 29, of 401 Culbertson Ave. in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, was charged April 11 with identity theft, a Class 3 felony, after she allegedly tried to add two lines and the purchase of a cellphone valued at $969 to...

Police Reports: Two charged with felony retail theft after alleged electronics grab

News, Police

Mary C. Martin, 23, of 263 Illinois St. in Lemont, Scott E. Williamson, 48, of 403 Doris Ave. in Joliet, each were charged April 9 with one count of felony retail theft after they allegedly tried to take 15 electronic items valued at a...