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Pictured are (left to right) Kenneth, Dave, Lars, Kris and Ken Lautenbach, as their pose on a showcase stair at Roseland Stair Works Inc. in Orland Park. Their family has owned Roseland for years. The business turned 100 years old this year. Tristan Zeier/22nd Century Media
Dean Lindeman uses a large spiral staircase form to shape a wooden bannister for a current stair project. He has been with Roseland for 30 years. Photos by Eric Skalac/22nd Century Media
Roseland treasurer and co-owner Dave Lautenbach shows off a piece of machinery that has been used in the Roseland workshop since before he or his father were born.
Eric Skalac, Assistant Editor
1:59 pm CST December 4, 2014

This is the 100th year of operation for Orland Park’s Roseland Stair Works Inc., and what started around the turn of the 20th century as a locally-focused business remains a locally-focused business, despite having built staircases for homes on the West Coast, overseas, and for celebrities and regular folks alike.